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Clubs and Associations
see also under specific makes
  Ace Cafe London

  AHRMA OnLine America Historic Racing Motorcycle Association
  Antique Motorcycle Club America A.M.C.A.
  Antique Motorcycle Club of America at
  Antique Motorcycle Club of America official page (possibly old URL)
  Antique Motorcycle Club of America SoCal Chapter
  Australian Ariel Register, Inc.
  Bath Classic Motorcycle Club UK
  British Biker Co-operative
  British Biker Cooperative -  WI USA
  British Bike Club of Brevard County Florida USA
  British Motorcycle Club of Tasmania
  The Brooklands Society
  Classic Motorcycle Racing Club UK
  Classic Road Racing Association in Sweden
  CBBC - Classic-British-Bike-Club e.V.  in English & German
  Club MCV - Vintage Motorcycle Club Sweden - in Swedish
  Clubs Database - British Clubs at
  Empire British Bike Club
  Fossil Riders Classic Motorcycle Assoc. of NJ devoted to owning, riding, and restoring old motorcycles. NJ USA
  Francis-Barnett Owners Club
  Historic Racing Vintage Motor Cycle Club UK
  Motorcykelklubben NIMBUS Denmark - new url
  Northern Classic Vintage & Veteran Club Sydney
  Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists
  Ton Up Club Texas British Bike Club
  Ton Up Boys Motorcycle Club Australia
  Smoke Riders Motorcycle Club Two stroke restoration
  South West Vintage Racing Group
  Treasure Coast British Bike Riders Florida USA
  Utah British Bike Club USA
  Vintage Road Racing Association Ontario Canada
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Australia
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club USA
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club UK
  Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts Seattle USA
  Vintage Club Index at Old Britts
  Vintage Yamaha Owners Club UK
  VDTRA Vintage Dirt Track Racers Association.
  Valley Vintage Motorcycle Society Nova Scotia, Canada

see also under specific makes

  Alternative Motorcycle Repair, British specialist, AZ USA
  Antique Motorcycle Saddles by Heilman USA

  B & R Cycles Classic British Memorabilia and parts, Wisconsin USA
  Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum Birmingham, AL
  Barlow & Company British Auto and Motorcycle Restorations, New Hampshire, USA
  Baxter Cycle Italian and Classic bikes  Marne IA USA
  Bell Engineering Magnetos and Dynamos Reconditioned Stateside
  Bernard & Steve's Motorcycles Classic motorcycle dealer Georgia USA
  Bernier Vintage Motorcycles - Henniker, NH
  Bollenbach Engineering - Classic Motorcycle sales and restoration
  Broken Bike Boys British parts, USA
  British Cycle Supply Company Ltd. Nova Scotia, Canada
  British Motorcycles & Spares, New Zealand.
  British Motorcycle Seats
  British Only Triumph, BSA and Norton, Amal, Lucas, Girling, Smiths.- Michigan USA
  British Only Austria Classic bike dealer Austria
  Bullet Motorcycles, classic leathers and helmets, London UK.
  Cotswold Classics UK
  The Classic & Retro Motorcycle Club
  Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass Norton, Dunstall, Rickman etc bodywork, Australia
  Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia Magazines, collectors items, gift ideas. UK
  Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia (Site#2) Orange CA USA - suspect URL 2/00 - Motorrad-Oldtimer / SACHS History
  Classic Racing Motorcycles Belgium
  County Motocycles Classic motorcycles UK
  Class Act - Classic European parts, TN USA
  Classic Showcase Vintage Motorcycles and Fine Automobiles - suspect link 6/99
  The Classic Cycle Company Inc. New Triumphs & used British machinery, Utah USA
  Comet Restorations - James specialists UK
  Countryside Cycles, BSA & Triumph parts & restoration, Tallahassee FL USA
  Dane 1000 - Vtwin specials
  Darwin Motors - BMW, Norton & Guzzi parts
  Daves Old Motorcycles

  Domie Racer Est. 1969, with 50,000 parts for English & European Classics, Ohio USA
  Domi Racer
  Dr. VonStrangemind Ltd Vintage Japanese restorations USA
  Euro Spares for vintage racing enthusiasts, inc info on chassis design and construction topics.

  ELK Engineering - Classic Motorcycles Steve's Online Motorcycle Autojumble
  Fastback Motorcycles Rockers, Ton-up boys, British classic motorcycles, T-shirts
  Flashyboyz Classic Japanese and European parts
  The Fuel Cafe Cafe racers
  George Beale Motorcycles classic racers, AJS, Leicestershire UK

  Grand Prix Motorcycles - parts for vintage racers
  Gould & Associates Vintage Motorcycles and Automobiles South American imports

  Hamrax Motorcycles British bikes, London UK
  Hawkshaw Motorcycles Ltd Classic spares, Liverpool UK
  Highway One Classic Sport Cars - some motorcycle info

  IRM Rudge parts Ontario Canada
  IronHorse Custom European Motorcycles - Norton, BSA & BMW parts USA
  Jacksons Garage for british motorcycle spares and repairs Lancashire UK
  John Weeden Classic M/c Restoration Co. classic, road and racing  motorcycles. UK
  JP Engineering - manufactures pistons for classic bikes & cars. Australia
  The Old Classic Motorcycle Warehouse Australia.
  L P Williams Home Page
  Old Britts Seattle USA
  Old Iron Spares - Motocross parts, Hill Top Australia
  Morgo Autovalues Triumph Engineering Specialists UK
  Morgo Power Equipment UK
  MotoGraphix Classic racing prints, CO USA
  MotoPARTS Inc. Triumph, BSA, and Norton parts. Alberta Canada
  Motorcycle Posters, Italy
  Mr. Moto's Old Montana Motorcycles vintage and modern classic motorcycles, sidecars and parts.
  Offshore Cycle Classic and Antique restorations Martha's Vineyard USA
  Old Bike Mart Classic motorcycle magazine - classified adverts.
  Overlander Products Stainless exhausts and replica vintage parts, Victoria
  Pete Of England, T Shirt & Helmet classic motorcycle designs UK
  P.J.L. Classic Motorcycles for sale 1996. Surrey, UK
  Planet Motorcycles Classic and European motorcycles Surrey UK
  Reband Classic Motorcycles - British & Ducati Exhausts, South Australia
  Rerun Motorcycles vintage Japanese motorcycles WI USA
  Rick Doughty's Vintage Iron International - MX parts & restorations, USA
  Ride it, Don't Hide it RDH specializes in the repair and restoration  of classic motorcycles.
  Roadrunner Instrument Repairs  Smiths and other early instruments specialist, Australia
  Road & Race Vintage Italian parts specialist, Australia
  Route 66 Classic Motorcycles Inc. Japanese classic motorcycles
  Robins Classic Bikes Classic Motorcycles and Parts
  RPM'S Vintage Motocross Fibreglass Enduro & Motocross replica parts
  Speed & Sport Vintage Motorcycles Long Beach CA USA
  SRM Motorcycle Specialists BSA specialist engineering and parts manufacture. Comprehensive site.
  Sundial Vintage Racing - H1 & T500 racers; Classic Japanese parts
  Specialty Spares Classic Norton or BSA Motorcycle Parts and Restoration
  Speed & Sport Vintage Motorcycles Long Beach USA
  Stainless Engineering Company
  Thunder Road Tritons and parts, GA USA
  TGA World of Classics Triton, Ducati etc classic racing & roadgoing motorcycles. UK
  Thunder Road Vintage Motorcycles and Parts
  TT Restorations - British motorcycle restorations Joyner QLD
  Underground Cycles Antique Restorations Long Island NY
  Vagn Jensen Motorcykler - Classic Motorcycle dealer, Denmark
  Veteran Motorcycle Hub Gears
  Vintage Bikes, Mopeds, Scooters
  VMX Vintage MX parts
  Walker Machine make precision reproduction parts for antique motorcycles. MA USA
  Wheel Power parts and accessories for AJS, Matchless, and other classic motorcycles
  Wemyss Auctioneers Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Auctions. Australia
  Oldtimer - Autos, Motorräder, Roller, Mopeds und mehr...
  K&M Motorcycles - Classic bikes, South Aust
  Mariah Motor Classics 3000 classic motorcycles listed for sale. Stockton, CA
  Replika Maschinen - Classic 2stroke and 4stroke porting specialists, Scotts Valley, Ca.
  The Old Classic Motorcycle Warehouse Classic British Motorcycles Australia.
  The Shop: Vintage American Motorcycle Specialists - Ventura, California
  Speed & Sport Vintage Motorcycles Long Beach, CA
  Specialty Spares: Norton & BSA Parts/Restoration
  R&D Motorbooks - specialist dealers in all forms of old motoring and motorcycling literature. South Aust
  Verralls(Handcross)Ltd. Veteran, Vintage and Classic Motorcycles.
  Barlow & Company - Fine British Auto and Motorcycle Restoration Excelsior-Henderson, Aermacchi/Harley-Davidson parts Macon, GA USA
  Draganfly Motorcycles - spares for classic British motorcycles Suffolk UK
  Oldieworld - Die Welt der Oldtimer - Spares and accessories, Germany
  Garage Company vintage motorcycles and memorabilia
  Glass From The Past custom and stock vintage motorcycle fiberglass
  Job Cycle - British and Antique motorcycles CT USA
  Unity Equipe Manx Norton,Triumph & Triton Specialists Lancs UK

AJS & Matchless
  AJS & Matchless Owners Club USA
  AJS & Matchless Owners Club North American Section
  AJS & Matchless Owners Club UK
  AJS Motorcycle Club of South Australia
  AJS-Matchless club Netherlands
  AJS/Matchless Club Argentina
  AJS Motorcycles at
  AJS Motorcycles Ltd UK
  Matchless Model X 1937  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Matchless Model B Silver Hawk  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Matchless G85CS Restoration Page
  AJS - Matchless parts Cambs. UK
  Wheel Power: Parts & Accessories for AJS & Matchless Motorcycles.


Brough Superior 

  Brough motorcycles and T.E. Lawrence
  Brough Superior at Geocities
  Brough Superior 1939 catalogue
  Brough motorcycles
  Lawrence's Brough at Auction, Sydney Morning Herald 
  Brough Superior SS80 1934 at Brandos, German 
  Brough Superior (German)
  1929 Brough Superior 680cc Model "J"
  Brough Superior SS100 Japanese page
  SS100 photo
  1938 Brough Superior SS100 Photos 
  Brough Superior 680 Combination for sale 
  SS100 1930 Alpine Grand Sports  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie 
  Brough Superior restorations by Dave clark
  Brough Superior Club UK.
  Mariah Motor Classics Brough Article
  Brough-Superior by Watson
  Brough Superior by Carrick


  The BSA Owners Club UK
  BSA Club of NSW
  BSA Motorcycle Owners Association Inc
  BSA Motorcycle Owners' Association of Victoria
  Internet BSA Owners Club
  Sv BSA Klubben (English) Swedish BSA Club
  BSA Motorcycle Pitstop
  BSA Owners Club of Belgium
  BSA Owners Club - Netherlands
  BSA Motorcycles by Morgan inc Bulletin Board and classifieds
  BSA by Jonathon
  BSA by Tommy Berkert
  The BSA Victor Home Page
  A10 Super Rocket Page
  Trident and Rocket 3 Owners' Club
  BSA 1968 sales catalogue at BSA Club of NSW
  SRM Engineering BSA specialist UK
  Morgan Johansson, a Swedish BSA Enthusiast
  L P Williams Trident & Rocket 3 specialist Warwick UK
  BSA,Triumph by Chris
  BSA,Triumph by Chris homepage
  BSA Motorcycle Pitstop
  B50 specs at KTBBC Includes frame & engine codes
  B25 specs at KTBBC Includes frame & engine codes
  Motos BSA Page de Sylvain CANU
  BSA Owners ICQ Mailing List - Denmark
  BSA Regal Group - MuZ, Norton, SR500
  Bantam 960FYM D1 Restoration
  BSA Bantam
  Leon's BSA homepage
  The BSA WDM20 site

FN Motorcycles
  1914 FN

  Andover Norton International
  Cliff Line's Homepage (850 Interstate)
  Commando historical article
  Commando 750 S 1971 at
  The Eastern Ontario Norton Owners Club
  Greater Atlanta Norton Owners Association
  Greater Atlanta Norton Owners Association
  Norton Motorcycle Company
  International Norton Owners Association
  J&B Motorcycles Norton dealer Michigan USA
  Norton Owners Club UK
  North Texas Norton Owners Association
  Norton Owners Club North California
  NCNOC-The Unapproachable Norton
  Norton Owners Club of NSW Australia
  Norton Owners Club NSW
  Norton Owners Club of Victoria Australia
  Neville Evans Norton 500 'Manx'
  Norton Single Cylinder Motorcycles
  Norton Motorcycles
  Norton Motorcycles by McDowel
  Norton Motorcycles - Model Timelines
  Norton Rotary Motorcycles and more
  Nortons dot com - Norton twins

  Norton Nostalgia
  Norton Serial Numbers
  Nation's Capital Norton Owners Washington USA
  NWNO Seattle Norton Page USA
  Northern New England Norton Owners
  Norton Singles by Geo Cohen, sales spares & service; many early pictures; Somerset UK
  International Norton Owners Association
  Ron's Norton & British bikes page Victoria, Australia.
  Norton specials by Kenny Drear
  Made in England anoc-l mailing list Norton Owners Club NSW mailing list
  Virtual Commando
  S.O.S Motorcycles - Norton Motorcycles
  Norton Postwar Model Timeline
  Stainless Engineering Company - Manx parts and motorcycles
  A Look Inside the Manx Norton Engine
  Manx 8" T.L.S. Front
  Replica of Standard Manx Norton
  Half scale Manx Norton motor

Royal Enfield
  Royal Enfield Motors, India
  Royal Enfield Distributor USA
  Royal Enfield Motorcycles in the Himalayas

  Moto Cafe Enfield pages

  Sidney Motorcycle - Royal Enfield dealer for British Columbia Canada (new url 12/99)
  Merlin Motorcycle Books - Royal Enfield

  The Enfield Pages
  Enfield History at Field Import

  Royal Enfield Belgium Excellent source of information, superb images. Belgium.
  U.S. Enfield Dealer List at
  British Motorcycle Seats by John Whellum South Australia
  Field Import - Royal Enfield importers Denmark
  Royal Enfield Bullet in Denmark
  Motorcycle City  Enfield Husagerg, Dubai, UAE
  Royal Enfield Model K 1939  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Iwan Bikes Enfield & Ural Dealer, Germany

  Velocette Owners Club of Australia
  Velocette Owners Club UK
  Velocette Flat Twins Viper, LE etc
  Goodman Engineering Velocette Specialists, Warwickshire UK
  The Velocette by Tim Yeatman
  Velocette Owners Club of America basic page
  Owen's Velo's - KTT, KSS and others
  Velocette at The Oldtimer Gallery Russia.


  VOC Official Site UK
  The Vincent-HRD Home Page Excellent resource on the famous marque. Australia.
  Vincent HRD Rapide 1945 article
  Vincent Motorcycles at MC Museum Online
  The Vincent-HRD by Munchenberg,
  Vincent Black Shadow by Husky
  The Vincent Motorcycle - snippets from Phil Vincent's scrapbook by his daughter, Dee Vincent-Day
  Vincent Black Lightning
  Vincent Motorcycle Free Classifieds
  1994 Vincent HRD Racer by Hamilton Development Racing
  Vincent engine - exploded view
  VinTech Vincent parts specialists, Wales, UK.
  Vincent Rapide series A  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  The Truth About Vincents - at Used Motorcycle Guide

Other pages
  Ariel Motorcycles Revisited by A. J. Lewis
  Ariel Motorcycles by Paul Wirdnam
  Ariel Motorcycle Resources
  Ariel Square Four 1933  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Ariel Square Four combination
  Ariel Motorcycle Identification Codes
  Ariel  at The Oldtimer Gallery Russia.
  Aermacchi History
  AJW Summit  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Antique Motorcycles in Indonesia
  Atlas Motor Vehicle
  AutoMoto A17 1930
  Australian Motorcycles
  The Baffled Muffler newsletter of the Vintage Road Racing Association
  Bell Engineering Vincent, Lucas, & Norton Specialists
  Bike Arena Vintage Motorcycle Resource
  The Bike Sheds - Veteran Vintage & Classic Motorcycles

  Big Sid's, the motorcyclist's pit stop Vincents and stuff, nice site

  Bob Westinicky's Vintage Motorcycles Spanish Motorcycles
  Boomer's British Motorcycle Links
  British Bike Riders tales from riders - informative site.
  British engine number and model codes at Joe's
  British Motorcycle Collection of Lawrence H. Taylor
  British by Chuck
  Burman BA Gearbox -- Classic British Motorcycles- aka Fastback
  CanAm Classic CanAm - Vintage MX
  Capriolo Motorcycles - Areo Caproni  produced the Capriolo - Italy
  Classic Data Germany
  Classic Motorcycles Superb collection of motorcycle images
  Classic Motorcycles - An A to Z of Classics
  The Classic MotorCycle Magazine UK
  Classic Racing Motorcycles at Lump-Proof
  Classicbikes's Home Page Murray Barnard's site, Aust
  Classic & Vintage British roadracers at Euro Spares
  Classic Vintage Motorcycles Newsletter & Classifieds
  Cotton Conquest
  Cotton Motorcycles NL
  Coventry-Eagle Flying Eight 1928  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Dunstall Motorcycles
  Dunstall Motorcycles Many resources, Bristol, UK
  The Durable Motorcycle Links to many classic and current motorcycle models and images
  Emiel's Info-pages Vintage bikes, Netherlands
  FN Oldtimers door Jacques Maertens
  Francis-Barnett Owners Club
  George's World Wide Antique Motorcycle Trader - For American bikes only.
  Harry's Motorbike Mania - Classic bike homepage inc Velo, BSA, Enfield. UK
  Horton's Bike Page Sport and Touring links and some Vintage images.
  Hurley-Pugh at Murray Barnard's A to Z
  Hurley-Pugh Owners & Enthusiasts Club
  JAP speedway engines
  James Comet Restorations - James specialists UK
  James Company History
  Jeff's Vintage and Classic Motorcycles
  Jim Downey's Restoration Page
Leon's Vintage Motorcycle Page (Aust)
  Levis Model 600  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Lucas 1930 Export Catalogue
  Lucas Magnetos
  Matchbox Vintage Motorcycles - Speedway restorations
  Rickman images at micapeak
  Martin F. Schlögl's virtual oldtimer-museum
  Montgomery Greyhound  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  MerayExtensive history and photos of little known pre-war motorcycle manufacturer, Hungary
  Nimbus at Himmerlands Nimbusklub
  Nimbus Club, Denmark
  NSU The Rise and Fall of the NSU Empire at Motorcycle Online
  Panther Motorcycles from 1900 to 1967.
  Panther Redwing Model 100  From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Phantom Oiler:  Classic High Performance Motorcycles - many images of cafe racers
  Pioneers of American Motorcycle Racing - an online book
  Robins Classic Bikes - classics for sale
  Rokon Motorcycles history and photographs of rare two-wheel drive motorcycle
  Rudge info and photos at IRM Ontario Canada
  Rudge 1914 motorcycle by Leon
  Rumi MOTO D'EPOCA RUMI - in Italian
  Snug Harbor Motorsports - Classic Moments '99 calendar
  Statnekov Motorcycles:  Vintage Racing Motorcycles,  1900-1933 USA
  Sunbeam Motorcycle Club UK
  Sunbeam Motorcycle
  Tassietour 2002 - Vintage motorcycle tour Tasmania
  Terrot-Dijon La M moire TERROT-DIJON - Terrot motorcycles - French
  Tilbrook at Australian Motorcycles
  Tim's Euro-Trash...Vintage Motorcycles
  The Tin Box - Antique adverts for HD, Indian, BSA, Cushman etc
  Triton Building Index at
  Triumph and British Motorcycles Geo's homepage, Aust
  Veteran motorcykle-guide, register and links
  Veteran Motorcycles Homepage - 54 Victoria, Nimbus, VeloSolex
  Vintage Links at VJMC Aust
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Restoration a step by step guide
  Vintage Motorcycles by M.Lee Germany From "Classic British Motorcycles over 500cc" by Bob Currie
  Weslake speedway engines
  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Restoration Vintage Motorcycles: BMW, Indian and WWII bikes.

Image Libraries
  Classic Motorcycle images by Chris Dupen of Netbikes
  Classic Motorcycle images by Roy Kidney
  Kuni's Photo Gallery - Nederlands
  Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum Famous racing and roadbikes, Boston MA. 
  The Art of the Motorcycle at the Guggenheim Museum from Motorcycle Online
  Australian Motorcycle Museum
  Automotive museums around the world - past & present
  The Sammy Miller Museum Isle of Wight UK 
  National Motor Museum at Beaulieu UK 
  Chicago Tribune Art You Can Ride Exhibition Nov 98 
  Classic Bikes and Working Motorcycle Museum
  Combe Martin Motorcycle Collection - Museum, North Devon UK 
  Deeley Museum 250 exhibits BC Canada 
  Deutsches Museum Munich - Largest technical museum in Europe
  Fritsches's Indian Museum Technik-Museum Speyer, Germany 
  Indian Motorcycle Museum
  Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica (Suspect link 6/99)
  Motorcycle Heritage Museum at the AMA 

  Museum of Transportation -- Brookline, Massachusetts
  National Motorcycle Museum Australia
  National Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame Sturgis SD USA
  Owls Head Transportation Museum Maine USA
  Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum Colorado USA
  Trev Deeley Motorcycle Museum
  Twin Ring Motegi Links to a Japanese Honda Museum - in Japanese
  WebCycles Motorcycle Web Museum Virtual Museum, Holland
  Wheel Through Time Museum Mt Vernon IL USA
  Yaldhurst Museum of Transport and Science NZ
  MC-MUSEET GYLLENE HJULET Swedish Motorcycle Museum

Vintage and Classic Japanese
see also under Honda, Kawasaki etc, also under Racing, Vintage MX.


  Bridgestone Motorcycles
  Bridgestone Frame and Engine Serial Numbers
  Gary's Bridgestone and Yamaha Motorcycles
  The Bridgestone n Hodaka Shop
  Jim's Bridgestone Motorcycles Online
  Kanai's Bridgestone Roadracers at Lumpproof
  Scott Noga's Bridgestone Motorcycle Page
  Bridgestone Motorcycle Mailing List
Other Classic Japanese
  Classic Z spares Kawasaki parts Australia
  Classic Japanese: Honda Sports and Racing Motorcycles of the Sixties
  Deluxe Works, Classic Vintage Honda Restorations, Custom Exhaust Systems. CA USA
  The Durable Motorcycle Homepage
  Japanese Historical Motorcycle ID Guide
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Restoration By Curtis Hollis
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
  Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Parts S.C.I. Canada
  Strictly Hodaka Motorcycle Parts and Bikes Rhode Island USA
  Ohio Cycle Vintage Honda Motorcycles
  Marusho Lilac Motorcycle Register V and HO twins
  Marusho - Lilac Register- new url 2/00
  Moto Extreme Vintage GP Bikes New England USA
  Moto Carrera vintage 2-stroke roadracing
  Rotary Recycle RE5 & Hercules W2000
  Sundial Vintage Racing - Classic Japanese parts
  Smoke Riders Association 2 Stroke Association Wisconson USA
  Sirius Consolidated Inc. Vintage Japanese Parts, Kitchener, Ontario
  Route 66 Classic Motorcycles Inc. Japanese Classics
  ClassicBikes.comCB750 homepage
  Bridgestone 350 GTO at Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
  Juergen´s collection of Suzuki vintage 2-strokes & Wankels - Germany
  Vintage Yamaha Owners Club UK
  Ohio Cycle vintage Honda motorcycle parts
  Classic Yamaha - Richard's Page  TD1, YDS2 etc
  Honda Elsinore Page Australia


Vintage MX, Scrambles and Flat Track racing
  AMS Racing - Vintage MX parts
  OldFarts XR-350 and Dirt Bike Page
  Motocross: Past and Present
  Speed & Sport Vintage MX Motorcycles
  Monkey Butt - Book of Vintage MX stories
  Old Iron Spares - Vintage motocross parts, Hill Top Australia
  Texas Vintage Racing Club Vintage MX Racing
  Vintage Dirt and Trail Motorcycles CA USA
  Vintage Flat Tracker
  The Vintage Shed - Can-am, Rotax, Bombadier Parts, New England USA
  Thunderplex Vintage Flattrack and Roadracing  in the seventies
See also under Spanish Motorcycles etc

Publications and Articles - more here
  Old Bike Mart Classic motorcycle magazine UK
  Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics
  Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics  British bike magazine, UK
  Boyd's index of Classic Bike & The Classic Motorcycle magazines
  Classic Motorcycle Memorabilia Magazine specialist with huge database of back issues. UK
  British Classic Motorcycle Re-Print Manuals at Elk Engineering
  Robins Classic Bikes - magazines, brochures, artwork etc
  Overlanders - Across Australia by HD 1926
  Classic motorcycle books

Unsorted & new additions

  Two Wheeled Toys by Craig Howell
  The Early Years - Swallow Sidecars
  Motorfietsweb - Dutch classic motorcycle site
  Ron Thompson's Italian Motorcycle Collection 4 Sale, South Africa
  Sounds Of The Past - Classic Racing UK Classic racing - in Spanish - various elderly machinery for sale, Italy
  Yesterday's Classics - NL UK
  Nordic Classic Racing Cup racers homepage Sweden
  freadengines - Walmsley - Classic racing engine specialists

  Vintage Motorcycles and Cars for sale - Aust
  Storks Classic Homepage Tasmania
  BritBike Newsletter
  Kjell Arne Johansen of MOTO-Supply int. - W1, Triumph, XS650 & Panther info, Norway